Halloween with The View Cafe and Gifts and Mud Pie

Posted by Carolyn Jewell on

As Autumn and its holidays approach and the trees change colors, thoughts of trick or treaters, Halloween parties, and Autumn dinner parties float around our minds like spirits of years past. Figuring out the right tablescape or candy dishes for those snack tables can be more overwhelming than the scent of pumpkin spice in a bakery. If you're worried about finding the perfect piece, don't be! The ghouls at The View Cafe and Gifts have almost all the items you need to make your home just the right amount of spooky and fun for everyone who haunts by. 

From linens to mugs to chips and salsa bowls the View is a one stop shop for all your decor and entertaining needs. This year we have new hand-painted 100% cotton towels with cute but spooky designs and seasonal puns that would even ghosts would groan at. Sized about 26 by 16.5" these towels are the perfect addition to hang on your oven handle or on a decorative ladder by your kitchen pantry. But be warned these towels should be hand washed and line dried to protect their beautiful artwork. 

As the first few guests arrive, you guide them over to the snack table where you have your treats on display in the pumpkin, ghost, and skeleton candy bowls with candy scoops next to the pumpkin and ghost designed chip and salsa bowl, and even a pedestal pumpkin halloween candy bowl filled with candy corn and candy pumpkins! Small ramekins scattered across the tables and counters filled with other small candies or maybe topping for hot drinks really tie things together with their black, white and orange color schemes. Each set includes three 2 by 3" ramekins in either a ghostly theme or a classic pumpkin theme. 

As the evening winds down and your guests and the young trick or treaters have turned in for the night, there is no perfect time to pull out your favorite mug and curl up to watch those Autumn and Halloween favorite movies. This year try spicing things up with the Recipe Mugs that have the ingredients and recipe right there all on the mug for your ease. Between the Caramel Apple Cider and the Snickerdoodle Latte, we're sure your evening drink will be a new favorite! Can't decide between them? Grab them both and share with friends and family on those cool autumn nights! Each mug is 14oz, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe. Though we recommend hand washing these mugs to protect the design.
Haunt on by The View Cafe and Gift Shop to pick up those special autumn and halloween pieces before they turn to dust! 

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